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  1. NateG.

    XAG/USD sell?

    @Ed0306 Yes, I agree on triple checking a trade. Instead of using SL, try using trailing SL instead in order to maximize your profits and prevent getting burnt off overnight.
  2. NateG.

    XAG/USD sell?

    @Ed0306 Hey sorry for the late reply. I didn't take that trade, but I always wait for confirmation before entering any trade by going to tradingview.com and search under ideas for the trade (which in this case, XAG/USD). You can read ideas from other people and see if their position trade is in your favor for good confirmation. I also look at the technical side when it comes to entering trades. I just took a look at that trade on Jan 19 (the time at which the signal was received) and noticed that it was still in the upwards trend. Try to get in as high/low as possible, not instantly. It is really a matter of patience. Also, you have a better chance making profit from trading equities instead of forex and metals. I've noticed that Rob is very good with oil related trades too, so trade those too. 👍
  3. @CoRey Lesson learned. What were signs of reversals to get a good entry on those trades?
  4. @Ann-Katrin I've reported those accounts as well. Thanks for letting us know.
  5. @Fabian Merry Christmas Fabian! I wish you and everyone else in the community all the best in 2022!
  6. I'm team Panettone. Been loving it since childhood and my family also enjoys it every Christmas.
  7. I am rooting for Hamilton. He got a very competitive car since 2007 (his rookie year). He is one of the best drivers on the track because of his confidence, speed, skills in overtaking other drivers, and aggression on the track. He takes a lot risk of overtaking the car in front of him even if race is on the stake. I believe Hamilton also holds the 3rd highest win percentage in history (35.6%). He has always been an outspoken guy in the media and with positive attitude.
  8. @Ihensoy2kHey Clinton! Welcome to the trading family.
  9. NateG.


    @Fabian I've never played Poker. I might dive into it. I watch it sometimes on T.V. and catches my interest.
  10. NateG.


    @Ed0306 Sorry for my late reply, I would cut loss on NZD/USD. Losses are natural in the world of trading. I would practice forex trades on a demo account, but treat it as your live account with discipline such as proper risk management. Once you are ready, then transition back to trading forex on your live account. I cut my loss for NZD/USD on Oct 8. Out of my 33 signal forex trades, 26 trades have been successful. I also use indicators MACD and RSI to help determine the shift in momentum in trades, perhaps try those out. Best of luck 👍
  11. NateG.


    @Ed0306 Yeah, hopefully U.S. non-farm payrolls on Friday will come out better than the forecast to give USD a boost. Thank you for sharing!
  12. NateG.


    Hey, anybody still shorting NZD/USD? Oil prices dropped back from multi-year highs after Russia reassured Europe on gas supplies and U.S. benchmark Treasury yields seems steady.
  13. @FrancisNG Excellent profits for the start of the month!👍
  14. NateG.

    China Fiasco

    Thank you for the info!
  15. NateG.

    Booster Shot

    I would go for a booster shot because highly effective vaccines (such as Pfizer and Moderna) often become less effective or may start to wear off over time. Plus, COVID is constantly mutating, making it more contagious and vaccinated people are even at risk getting infected, spreading the virus for a shorter time. So I would say booster shots will be vital to take in about 6-8 months.
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