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  1. Markus


    @Ayodeji976 Jan perfectly calculated it for you :). You got the answer now or do you need more help?
  2. Markus

    Learning Curve

    If you need more infos about that, Robert created a page for that: https://smarttrader.community/economic-calendar/
  3. Markus

    News sites

    Lad Bible is serious shit, at least for investors 😅
  4. Markus

    Learning Curve

    @Fearlessgood to hear that 🙂 Like I said, you have to differentiate between volume and volatility. As Trader we want to have volume (liqudidity) but not that much volatility as it fishes our stops ;). I personally try to avoid trading currencies before they have major news, such as the Non Farm Payrolls for the US. which affects the USD. You have to combine volume with price action and fundamental data. That's the key for me.
  5. Update: TP was hit before it rallied even more. I'm not sure if it will continue to rise or will top out here, so I take my profits and be happy about it 🙂
  6. Nice trade. What was the reason for you to sell so early? Trading a daily profit goal?
  7. I`m still in the gold trade as I waited for the up move, which is happening right now. SL is around the previous lows and an alarm is set if it wants to rectrace back to my entry. Anyone else caught this trade?
  8. Super Sache Erwin.🙏 Die meisten von uns können uns sehr glücklich schätzen, dass es uns so wunderbar geht, dass wir einen Teil davon auch an Leute abgeben können die es nicht ganz so gut haben wie wir!
  9. As Robert sent the signal and the SPX looks long for him (fundamental) I used it to trade it long after the pullback for a quick scalp.
  10. Who else caught the SPX trade from Friday? I'm a bit nervous that a double/triple top is formed on the SPX, so I got out of my position with decent profit. Maybe it's breaking out. I will see how it moves on the top and reevaluate about entering again.
  11. @kingzo4realLooking good. Seems you are making progress?
  12. What I also highly recommend is downdogapp.com You pay $40 per year and get apps for Yoga, HIIT (High-intensity interval training), Meditation and Barre.
  13. That's a secret ;). Let's say 50+ 🙂
  14. As @Jan.Msaid, mostly institutions, hedge fonds, etc. That's correct, I'm using Tradingview for analysis, but I'm paying there to get all the features they offer. I'm not sure if pre/after market prices are available if you are not paying for them.
  15. As you already mentioned, I think it`s good that the severe cases are not rising drastically. So I think it's pretty controllable. If more and more people are getting vaccinated, it's easier to handle for the health system as they maybe get sick and maybe infect other people but they only have minor health issues.
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