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  1. all cryptos in general... main reason being the spread and my account size... its all good if goes GREEN but not as good if goes the other way...✌️
  2. im in it entry as per robs advice at the open it fell down and thinking to have another entry at current price... any ideas if my thinking is right...???
  3. not that im trading BTC but that would be something....
  4. Hi can you recommend a tool for position size calculator... many time seen people sharing screenshot and having this tool green and red coloured cant find it anywhere many thanks in advance
  5. GOLD is FINNNNNNALLLY edging towards a move higher 📈 However, next week looks prepped up for some big moves on the Dollar, be on the lookout for Gold to push lower before the rally,
  6. Nice... I just relocated from London after good 16 years there... Have the same target as you one day Full Time Trader✌️
  7. Nice... i try keep healthy eating but meet is part of my diet... need energy for the type iof sports im doing... Boxing... CrossFit...
  8. it really good if you trade on desktop and have few screens... solves the problem and allows to monitor few positions at the same time without need to switch between tabs
  9. Sorry for a silly question... does that mean we changing brokers??? IC markets are good... and plus they use CTrader platform but not sure they have all the instruments we trade especially stocks...
  10. having experience in dealing with Africa only one thing comes in my mind... and i will keep it to myself...🤐
  11. Hi Guys... Another good tool-website http://www.floatingcharts.com/ i think loads of us want to have charts detached in MT4 .... and this a really good tool for doing so... not that you can detach the charts it still fully functional in terms of drawing lines etc... Regards hope you find it of help... i use it and its really good...
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