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  1. Hi Yvonne, Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, I have had a horrendous couple of weeks trading after blowing half of my account when the war/invasion started. I don't blame Rob's signals - I'm sure everyone else got it wrong too - after all, we don't have international invasions everyday... and it is crazy difficult to work out what is happening or going to happen, in the markets. My own fault - I did have too much trust in the signals, and they went badly wrong - oil, gas, gold, indices etc.. and cost me most of my account. I am, slowly, getting back on track again. I am still checking Rob's signals, but now I am much much more wary/sceptical and far less trusting, and trying to use more technical signals from Trading View. I am mainly trading forex and using small lots, as the market is too volatile for the futures/indices at the moment, and no one is getting it right. Yes, please, any ebooks would be fantastic. I am on telegram in the VIP group. I am on Admiral Markets and Markets.com. I have been reading some educational stuff from Forexsignals.com too. They have a weekly free video and also put ideas on Trading View which are quite useful. My email is ed.watkins0306@gmail.com if that helps? Not sure how to connect on Telegram?
  2. ..... and I absolutely DID jinx myself after I said that! Absolutely caned my account yesterday and blew half of it. I got complacent/cocky with Gold (and Oil to a lesser degree) as they were going up, before both subsequently quickly crashed heavily in the opposite direction. I naively trusted the analysis, with too little risk management and too recklessly. Yesterday was pretty unprecedented with regards to Russia and the Ukraine, and the market's over reactions and panic. I doubt anyone got it right yesterday...😔 Certainly a humbling experience for me, and - hopefully - lessons learned. I now have to rebuild my account - which I know I can do - but most definitely being a lot...lot... more wary of the analysis's and potential market reactions. I got greedy yesterday, and it cost me. Today is Day One... again... and taking it a lot slower and safer! No steak for me and my family this weekend... just pot noodles now!🙄😄😄
  3. Hi Yvonne, Apologies for the late reply. I'm not sure why I don't get notifications of replies - unless I missed it. I do try and check the forum most days, but it is pretty dead here unfortunately, so don't bother so much now. Rob keeps mentioning a community (he gets lots of messages from) and I am trying to find out how to access that, as the members he mentions aren't on this forum. I am still trying to learn and improve, so would be good to find this community if it is active. I am actually doing ok at the moment - assuming I haven't just jinxed myself by saying that!!😄 - I am concentrating on the forex market, futures and indices mainly. I found the stocks signals were too unreliable here and I just kept losing money on them. I only have a small account (ÂĢ2K) so by using risk management properly I found I could only use small lot sizes or I would blow the account. But the small lot sizes - if the trade actually went the right way - would only earn me pennies. I have made the biggest earnings on gold and oil very recently, but, as a newbie, I do try to avoid them usually as you would need a huge SL (high risk) as they are so volatile. How is your trading? You said you were looking to take it more seriously (as am I) I hope that it is going well? Ed
  4. Hi, I see in Rob's telegram updates that he gets a lot of emails/messages from members of a community - today was someone from a UK Community? I would be very interested in joining a trading community (especially a UK one) to learn and exchange ideas etc... all help needed here! Is it a website or a forum that I can join? I have live accounts with Markets.com and Admiral Markets - is the community part of either of those? I can't get BDSwiss as I am in the UK (although Rob gets messages from the UK community quite often so I am guessing it can't be linked to BDSwiss) Is it a Facebook community or something similar? Thanks is advance. Ed
  5. Hi @meoferi Not sure if you'll get any other replies as this forum isn't very active any more, sadly. ⚰ïļðŸŠĶ Here in the UK, we lost access to BDSwiss a year ago - something similar to what you have been told - so we have been with Markets and Admiral Markets since then. Apparently, Markets has a higher spread, and Admirals has a delayed NYSE opening (so you miss the bigger movements) so neither are ideal, unfortunately, but yes, it does seem like BDSwiss have some sort of access problems.
  6. Ed0306

    XAG/USD sell?

    Thanks. I haven't used trailing stops much so I will need to refresh my knowledge of them and get some practice in on the demo account before I start using them, but I hadn't really thought about them much, so thanks for that.
  7. Ed0306

    XAG/USD sell?

    Hi @NateG. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was quite disappointed in the trade. As I said, initially, the analysis seemed good and I did get a good entry, just as the trade started to change direction, and set off in the right direction quite quickly. But it pulled back overnight and hit my SL, slightly in profit. My mistake was to then re-enter the trade, as it appeared to be continuing down. I did re-read Rob's analysis and maybe had a quick scout on TV (the only Idea on TV was to SHORT Silver) but I think I was probably rushing a bit to get back into it. Of course, this is when it all went wrong and completely reversed. I held on for a while, in the hope that it would correct and carry on SHORTING - but it didn't, and it really shot up! Hence my plea for advice on here. Anyway, lesson learned! I very - very - rarely touch Gold, Silver or Oil, as I always find that they are too volatile for someone with a small account like myself, and quite often the analysis is just wrong. I think, just by the nature of the products, they are quite erratic - and often highly manipulated. I do like Forex, although still using very small lots. I have switched from Markets.com to Admiral Markets now for the equities and this seems to be more profitable, even though we lose the NYSE opening, so we will see how I get on. I have started to use TV a lot more now. I think when I started this, a year ago, I was very naive and 'trusting', and relying on Rob's signals without doing too much further analysis myself, but I have been burned a lot by just following him blindly, so now I double, triple and quadruple check everything!!! Anyway, thanks again for your reply and advice. Very much appreciated mate, and I will definitely take it all onboard. Ed
  8. Ed0306

    XAG/USD sell?

    Well, my fault for trusting the analysis. Both Gold and Silver shot up today against the analysis. My loss. Not really sure of the point of this forum, apart from to repost the daily Update from the Telegram feed. I know we are all busy, but if we can't help each other out on here, I don't really see the point of it? I appreciate that the forum is primarily a sales pitch to get people to sign up to Markets or Admiral, but I can't see how a dead forum can attract any new business? Anyway, I hope the rest of you have more luck than I am. Not that anyone ever replies on here for me to know anyway... 🙄
  9. Ed0306

    XAG/USD sell?

    Just seeking a bit of advice, being a new trader as I am. Last night I took the SELL position on XAG/USD following Rob's signal. I thoroughly read the analysis, and understood and assessed the charts as best as I can, at my level before I took the trade. It went into green quite quickly after the signal, so I set a tight SL (slightly in profit) before I went to bed. This morning (UK time) the SL had been hit late last night, but the analysis still appeared good and the direction was - at that time - downward, so I re-entered the trade at 23.595, but with a much wider SL (anticipating some rebound). Unfortunately, SILVER has now gone the opposite direction and is currently around the 23.94 area. Can I just ask, does the analysis still hold? Is there still any downwards potential, or should I cut my losses now? Thanks in advance for any advice. Ed
  10. Thanks for the reply @FrancisNG Unfortunately, we can't use BDSwiss in the UK anymore, so when it closed here, I opened an account with Markets.com. I like the Web Trader platform they offer very much, and it's very easy to use. I ran it for a few months, but didn't exactly set the world on fire, so when Rob and others started talking about Admiral Markets - which has a better spread - I decided to change to them. Personally, I do feel that Admiral has higher commissions and other fees, and they also only use MT4 and MT5. Admiral also have delayed starts on the NYSE and LSE markets, so you miss the volatility and potential earnings from there, so I am now thinking to come back to Markets.com, and I just wanted a reliable independent opinion, so thanks for that. I think I will give it a go again. Ed
  11. Hi @FrancisNG Good work mate. How do you find Markets.com? Who were you with before?
  12. Good work mate. Better than mine 😖 Are you on BDSwiss?
  13. Ed0306

    Admiral Markets

    Hi Fabian, Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your time. Yes, I had noticed that I missed quite a lot of the volatility - when Rob puts out a BUY WHEN NYSE OPENS, by the time I can buy the stock on Admiral, I see that it has already shot up a bit and I miss that opening. I actually preferred the Markets web trader platform compared to Admiral's MT5, (with regards to user friendliness) but the issue for me with Markets was that their spread is (quite a bit) higher, and with a small account, it is quite noticeable - ok, I suppose it is very noticeable with a big account too! But I do seem to be making more profit with the Admiral than I did with Markets. I will take your advice and go back to Markets, to catch the opening of the market - great suggestion, thank you - at least with half of my account, and see how I get on. Thanks again for your reply and time. Ed
  14. Ed0306

    Admiral Markets

    Good morning, Last month I saw that Admiral Markets was now an option for this community. I did ask on this forum which would be a more appropriate broker for a new, small account (UK based) but I didn't get any response here so I did some research and comparisons and as I never really got on with Markets.com since the start, I decided to switch to Admiral anyway. I have noticed - and Rob has mentioned - that Admiral have a delayed start to trading the NYSE. Is there a reason for this? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to this? Thanks in advance if anyone does have the time to answer. Ed
  15. Hi Yvonne, and welcome to the forum. I am also from the UK (London) and pretty much same as yourself in that I have been 'dabbling' for the last year (thanks to covid seriously damaging my small sports business) and I feel I have really got a taste of this and want to achieve more too. Good luck Ed
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