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  1. Fabian

    Admiral Markets

    No worries Ed! In the end, if Admirals works way better for you than Markets, you should stick with Admirals. I always follow the mindset that you should trade with the service you feel the most comfortable with, if it's Admirals for you then you can also stick to them, completely, but try it out how it works trading the NYSE opening with Markets. com:)!
  2. Fabian

    Admiral Markets

    Hey Ed, sorry I think your message slipped through! You are right, Admiral Markets has a delayed start, for now we don't know the "real reason" but it is a disadvantage, because you can't participate in the early minutes of the NYSE Opening and therefore miss out on a lot of volatility. What you could do is to keep a smaller sum on your Markets account and trade the NYSE Opening still with markets.
  3. Hey guys, I’m writing this post to give all of you a little bit more input on Beta, which is in my opinion essential if you want to set a good SL! I try to make it not too long and dry, so bear with me 😉! I will explain everything with screenshots from the website finviz and highly encourage you to use it too: https://finviz.com/ So what is Beta: Beta measures the volatility of a stock, so how fast the prices changes. The Asset that defines Beta is the S&P500, the Beta of it is 1 sometimes it’s also displayed as a “-” like we can see in the example of the SPY (the ETF of the S&P500). Let’s look at an example where the Beta is higher than one and also what it means: A prime example for a high Beta stock is Tesla, with a beta of 1.98. This means Tesla is way more volatile than the S&P500, therefore if we trade Tesla this also means we have to give our SL more room than we would have to with other stocks! How can you approach this problem? You could buy less shares of Tesla, which reduces your overall risk, and then you can set a wide SL or you buy the same amount and set a wide SL, but you trade other assets with a tighter SL, that your overall risk exposure doesn’t get too big! This would be for example the perfect counterpart to Tesla. It has a Beta below 1 this means it is actually less volatile than the S&P500, and therefore if we trade MSCI Inc. we could set a tighter SL. (btw. I will soon post a little trading idea on MSCI Inc. 😊!) I hope this explanation of Beta helps you to better adjust your SL’s by looking at the volatility, therefore the Beta of an asset. Have a great start into the new week!😊
  4. Freut mich sehr, dich hier zu haben Verena:)!
  5. Dear community members. I hope that all of you are able to enjoy a couple of days with your family and friends! I won't make this post too long, I just want to share my best wishes with all of you. Merry Christmas Fabian🎅🎄
  6. Wooops, messed that one up. Thanks for the correction:)!
  7. Well apparently Max Verstappen one and on the one side I'm quite happy for him, although to be fully fair I think that Lewis deserved that win more. Still it was really an exciting championship, and I'm actually thrilled to see the performance of Lewis next year, because he will definitely fight to get the next championship, also with now Russel being the second Mercedes pilot there could be some extra pressure on Lewis to perform and really show what he is able to do. What I really found astounding was how extremely professional and sportsman like Lewis Hamilton handled the loss!
  8. Is that the SL in percentage of the Assets * the leverage or only the percentage that you deduct without the leverage multiplied? You're completely right, currently we have an extremely volatile phase, and omicron isn't really making it better. But there are still a couple of Assets less volatile. I would advise you to not trade the so called "growth stocks", so tech stocks because there you have incredible volatility at the moment. This is also definitely important, to study also the market. I see that you try to trade almost the whole day. Getting back to your volatility problem, I would say to cut back on the NYSE opening, because this is the most volatile phase. Are you also aware of the economical calendar? BR, Fabi
  9. Can't agree more with you. Although, to be fully honest, I think Verstappen earns it. He fought incredibly hard. But I guess we will see next weekend. Experience and skill wise I'm though fully with you, Hamilton, for now, outclasses Verstappen.
  10. The race yesterday was one hell of a ride, wasn't it haha? Though I really enjoyed it, although it was a risky one for the drivers. But now Hamilton and Verstappen are even with the points and there is only one more race to go next week! Soo, for whom are you rooting for? To be honest, I was always the guy who supported more the upcoming stars, rather than the ones who are already at the top! But you have to acknowledge that Hamilton is skill based, an incredible driver and what I really respect is that nevertheless of all of his success he is still as driven as in his first days. So it's really hard to say who I'm supporting. I just hope for a thrilling last race where we won't know who's the world champion until one of these two surpasses the finish line! Looking forward to next weekend!:)🏎️
  11. Hey Faisal - one question here from my side would be if you go in at the beginning with your whole trading volume dedicated for one trade or if you split it up? Let's say you want to invest about €500 per trade and you started this trade also with €500, then reentering the trade would be fairly risky! So What I could recommend you is that you enter the trades with half of the dedicated volume and the re-enter it, if it runs against you. Also what do you use for support levels, highs and low, Fibonacci's? I think there isn't a good/clear answer for that one. The problem with most indicators is that they aren't forward-looking, they only show you what happens right now, for instance the MACD, trading with it is extremely hard (though I still use it from time to time) but basing your entire thesis on it, isn't recommendable. I would recommend you looking into the RSI (Relative Strength Index). Regarding your last question. This mainly means that the signal has a little shorter Analysis, this helps Robert to react faster to current developments, otherwise the thorough analysis costs him (and us) a lot of time. As always, look at the chart, try to find an entry point and always trade with a reasonable SL. The problem with the entry point is, that it's mainly an experience thing. There isn't this one formula that helps you. You always have to look at the current volume, sentiment and so on, but Rob helps you a lot with it. If you have any more questions, just write me a private message, and we will figure it out!:)
  12. Hey Christian, freut mich erst einmal, dass du hier gut angekommen bist:)! Und ich hoffe sehr, dass wir dir bei deinem Ziel weiterhelfen können! Ich denke so wie dir, geht es leider sehr vielen Menschen, was mit einer der Hauptgründe ist, weshalb Robert überhaupt diese Community gegründet hat, wofür wir ihm denk ich einmal, alle sehr dankbar sind. Ich hoffe, du hast einen schönen Start in die Woche. Liebe Grüße, Fabian
  13. Hey Ed, would you be so kind and send me your recent trades. Let's go over them together. I definitely agree with you that the markets are currently really hard and also exhausting to trade. But from my point of view, there are certain times when you can trade with less risk, than at other times in the day. If you want to we can go over everything here in the comments, or you just write me a private message, as you prefer.
  14. Fabian


    Hey guys, currently I'm a little bit in-active in the forum, and I'm really sorry for that! I thought we should start talking more about some random things and not always about trading, although we are a trading community 😉! So the reason for this thread is that Robert is telling me for some time that I should get into Poker, and I decided to take some time out of my days and also get into this field. The main reason for it is that Poker teaches you, or let's say helps you to improve your risk management skills! So, just wanted to know who of you guys is into Poker or perhaps wants to start with me learning it. What I've seen so far is that we could also make some competitions at certain platforms, which sounds fun. But before we do this, I should really grasp everything, haha. Have a great start into the week😊💪
  15. Fabian


    It also never hurts to make a break, especially after some losses, that's how I get back the concentration that I've perhaps lost! 0.2 is also quite something, try to rather trade with 0.1 or even less, do you also use this lot size to calculate your trading size with stocks?
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