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  1. Anybody still have open trades with Apple right now?
  2. Hi William! Welcome to SmartTrader Community! 😊
  3. Welcome Bruno! So nice to meet you here.
  4. We support you Rob. Thanks for the info @Ann-Katrin just saw few of them. Reported. Traders beware!
  5. Hi Thomas20! Welcome to the community forum. 🙂
  6. Aha! That explains why I can't use my both my FB and IG. Now I can see FB stocks are crashing down. Mark, where are you? 😑
  7. I missed Ammex. I traded XOM. But am afraid as I look at the trend, I watched the opening unfold. As am not a fan of Exxon compared to WTI or Brent which is more tradable in long term for me. My entry is 59.65 running on a lot. I opt out early, but still positive in this trades before the weekends. It is good for me to get back in the zone next week Lovely trade Francis! Thanks Rob! 🤑🤑🤑
  8. I have traded gold today. Twice! Double Profits! Thanks Rob.🤑
  9. Wow! Multiple trades. I have entered US30 trade as well. Good Job CoRey!
  10. Hi Rahina! Welcome! Welcome! 😊
  11. I opt out early. I thought it's gonna go the other way earlier. ☚ī¸ But, small profit is still profit. 😉
  12. Oooh..I missed that trade. 😗 I knew that's gonna happened. I need to bounce back this week. 🤞
  13. Yum yum. I don't know how to cook. I let my wife do the cooking/baking for me. 😆
  14. Welcome aboard Raphael! Glad that you are now part of this community. All the best. 🤞
  15. Nice trades today CoRey. I am looking at your BHP trades as well. 😊
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