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  1. Anytime, @Ed0306. Don't mention it 🙂 I understand it can be confusing at first, but once you grasp the technique, it should become second nature. Also, it's best if you don't compare your account with Rob. His account is miles ahead of ours, lol. We work with what we have. If you want to hold a trade 'til Rob updates it, best to moderate your lot size. Other than that, it's all about the timing. Keep the positive mental attitude and you should be on a winning streak soon bro!
  2. _Rahim_


    Sounds like a fun idea. Count me in @Fabian!
  3. Hi @Ed0306! This is a perfectly valid concern so no need to apologize for writing a long post about it. I, for one, had been concerned about this as well when I was starting out. The key is to understand the analysis behind the signal and see whether it's something that you should hold for hours on end or if it is a "quick trade." Nowadays, @Robert labels potentially quick trades as "Rapid Signals" which has been very helpful for a lot us, especially those that have been accustomed to scalping. If you're wondering, as per Rob himself, he doesn't really set a stop loss in advance simply because his account can sustain, but this isn't recommended for everyone. If you have a good capital, let's say around $4k-$5k up, then maybe you can adopt that trading style, but if not, you can only stick to setting a tight SL and move on to the next trade. A simple trick I learned to do over the years trading with Rob is to not get onto a trade right of the bat (unless it's an NYSE opening trade and is expected to open either very strong [for a BUY] or very weak [for a SELL]). What I do is I spend a few minutes to check where the price is headed. If I see going in favor of my trade, I will get in right away then monitor it closely to make sure it stays right on track, then set my SL/TP to secure my profits. On the other hand, if I see it going against my trade, I give it some more time and try to catch the lowest dip/highest peak then enter, then monitor it closely and see if it goes in favor of the trade. If it does, then you know what happens. Hope this helps mate 😉
  4. Rivian (RIVN) went public yesterday and was valued at over $100B. A relatively young EV maker zooming past both GM and Ford is just absolutely stunning! The company can potentially give Tesla a run for its money this decade. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-11-10/rivian-s-trading-debut-surge-drives-value-to-almost-88-billion
  5. No word yet from Facebook about what may be causing the problem or when Facebook social media group, including WhatsApp and Messenger will be operational again. More info here: https://www.reuters.com/technology/facebook-instagram-down-thousands-users-downdetectorcom-2021-10-04/
  6. I always find your posts entertaining as they are informative @Fabian. Thanks for this! I'm definitely watching that documentary soon.
  7. Welcome to SmartTrader, @Frater418! It's good that you're now being cautious when making trading/financial decisions after your bad experience with crypto trading. You will find that CFD trading in general is a bit different from the kind of trading you're used to doing but please don't be intimidated. Each of us here started out just like you! If you need help with something, feel free to ask the community for help anytime! 😉
  8. Never really looked into NaturalGas before so these are really valuable insights to me! Thanks @Fabian for sharing this! ❤️
  9. It's a bit too restrictive for my taste, but then we don't know exactly how video game addiction affect young people in China so there must be a good reason for them implementing this. Although I am not a parent, I think it all comes down to proper parenting. I know kids who play video games more than 4 hours every day and still excel in school and other aspects of their lives. At the very least, it's a case-to-case basis.
  10. It's mind-boggling to think how far off the NFP results were from the expected number of new jobs. COVID continues to wreak havoc globally.
  11. Hello folks! It's nice to be able to sit down and write a post to this beloved forum again. After a 2-week hiatus (from the forum at least), I'm now ready to share with you the results of weeks 2 and 3 of my 30-day trading challenge. It was a challenge monitoring my trades while I was on vacation (Yes! I went on a 2-week vacation and I'll tell you about it on my trading blog for the 30-day trading challenge) and I was lucky enough to have bagged HUGE profits even if I was only half-focused! (I definitely don't recommend it) But hey, a challenge is a challenge and I'm committed to seeing it through to its end! Here's my latest winning trade to show you guys: I missed the bulk of the JD trade but since Rob says there's still a big upside potential, I got into it just a bit earlier. Will write about weeks 2 and 3 now. Good luck to all of us! Much love, Rahim
  12. I was in the HKG50 and it hit my SL. It's really frustrating when you're on a losing streak but I don't think it's fair to blame it all on Rob. I refuse to believe that he didn't inform you about proper risk-management, especially something as basic as a Stop Loss. I looked at the screenshot of your trades, most importantly the HKG50 and you wouldn't have incurred a loss like that if you set your SL at 5%, which you can easily do with the Markets webtrader. Rob is a professional trader, but he's far from being a God. Losing is part of the process, and since you're very emotional, I doubt you're able to pick up the important lessons that you should have picked up with those losses. There's a reason why you trusted Rob in the first place. Most likely you've tried his signals before and they worked. I agree with what @Belforte recommends. Take a breather and come back with a fresh mind. Dealing with your trades with all those frustrations would only end up in further disaster.
  13. I just got back from my vacation and I totally missed this one. Literally kicked my chair when I saw it skyrocket!
  14. I must have jinx the Asian markets when I said I was curious about their performance the last time I commented on your update @Robert 😅
  15. Those are solid profits @FrancisNG! Great job man 💪
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