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2nd trading week of 2022.

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Hi guys, here are my trades from last week on my Markets.com account. Yes, I decided to open an account with them too last December. As you can see, last Friday was a bit tough. But all in all, it was a good week for me. 😊


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12 minutes ago, Ed0306 said:

Hi @FrancisNG

Good work mate. How do you find Markets.com? Who were you with before?

Hello @Ed0306,

I'm trading with BDSwiss too. I opened an account on Markets.com so I can also trade Robert's signals which are only available on their platform. So far, it's all fine for me. 👍

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Thanks for the reply @FrancisNG

Unfortunately, we can't use BDSwiss in the UK anymore, so when it closed here, I opened an account with Markets.com. I like the Web Trader platform they offer very much, and it's very easy to use.

I ran it for a few months, but didn't exactly set the world on fire, so when Rob and others started talking about Admiral Markets - which has a better spread - I decided to change to them. Personally, I do feel that Admiral has higher commissions and other fees, and they also only use MT4 and MT5. Admiral also have delayed starts on the NYSE and LSE markets, so you miss the volatility and potential earnings from there, so I am now thinking to come back to Markets.com, and I just wanted a reliable independent opinion, so thanks for that. I think I will give it a go again.


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