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BDSwiss, markets.com, Admirals – do we still need all of them?


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I currently have an account with BDSwiss, markets.com and Admirals (Admiral Markets) – do we still need all of them? Otherwise I would withdraw the funds and use only one (or two) of them.

I think Admirals is the best, but I think in some rare cases it is not possible to trade something at Admirals.  I currently have no overview of which instruments they don't offer.

The (EU) website of BDSwiss is stating "We regret to inform you that we temporarily cannot accept new clients until further notice.", sounds for me like they have problems with the regulatory authorities. So I would especially think about to withdraw my funds there.

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Hi @meoferi

Not sure if you'll get any other replies as this forum isn't very active any more, sadly. ⚰️🪦

Here in the UK, we lost access to BDSwiss a year ago - something similar to what you have been told - so we have been with Markets and Admiral Markets since then.

Apparently, Markets has a higher spread, and Admirals has a delayed NYSE opening (so you miss the bigger movements) so neither are ideal, unfortunately, but yes, it does seem like BDSwiss have some sort of access problems. 

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