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Welcome to SmartTrader!


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Welcome to SmartTrader!

What is SmartTrader ?

SmartTrader is a community for traders and people interested in trading of all experience levels. The financial market is for most a closed book, hard to understand, even harder to get into and riddled with many dangers and fake experts who promise you fast money but in the end only want your money. With SmartTrader everything is different. Here it's all about the people - about YOU. About US, We are a community and together we are stronger.

At SmartTrader you learn all kinds of aspects of trading, first and foremost fundamental analysis and how to make decisions based on fundamentals, as well as on current and future events. It is also important to me that you understand the psychology of the market, risk management, money management, but also your personal trading statistics, your personal track record and the trading software and tools. We also work on the right mindset and expectations, so that in the future you will only make sound, i.e. well-considered, well-founded and comprehensible decisions.

Who is Robert Lindner?

I am Robert Lindner. I have been trading for more than 18 years, in the beginning mainly equities, today all asset classes. For more than 14 years, also during my studies, I have been working in various positions in the financial sector and management consultancy. I am an analyst, financial expert, investor, trader and since 2014/15 increasingly also a trading mentor, coach, teacher or whatever you want to call it. In my early coaching days, my mentoring focused mainly on institutional traders - the more money they had, the better.

This is why I launched SmartTrader in early 2018, because in the world I found myself in, there was never a lack of money, but there was a lack of humanity. I was only dealing with people and companies who had exactly one thing in mind: to amass as much money as possible and as fast as possible. 

And that is perhaps my blessing and curse at the same time, because that is exactly what I am good at. In fact, I've always been one of the absolute top performers or even set new standards, no matter in which function I've tried to get "more" out of it. But should my life, or anybody's life, revolve around maximizing return on investment? No, that can't be all there is to it - at least that's the conclusion I fortunately came to at some point in my life.

What about this forum?

We are a community. And I always say, I would like to help you as good as I can, but I demand from you honesty, the motivation to want to learn something and the promise that you will extend my helping hand to other people as well. We want to live these values in this forum and support each other but also just enjoy the community.

Nice to have you here!

Your Robert 🌞 

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Not all heroes wear capes. I've probably told you a million times how grateful I am for everything, but I want to say it again here. You are the best Rob. You are the person who has had the biggest impact on my life that I have yet to meet in person. I think I speak for everyone when I say this community is a really great idea and I really appreciate the time and money you put into it. 🖤 you bro


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Thank you for setting this community Robert. It's a fact that success in trading is difficult, but possible thru shared knowledge exchange of like minds of new and seasoned traders. With your long experience you can share your wisdom to us. Thanks! All The Best! 🤩

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Ich bin Steve.

Schaue und lese seit gut einem halben Jahr ihre Beiträge und bin immer wieder überrascht mit welcher Präzision ihre Vorhersagen/ Recherchen stimmen.

Ab diesen Jahr versuche ich mich auch und lerne so viel ich kann und hoffe auch etwas Geld dabei zu verdienen.

Ich bedanke mich jetzt schon mal im Vorraus für die bis Dato vielen guten Eindrücke und Ausarbeitungen.

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On 9/30/2021 at 3:53 AM, bbrruno said:

Hi, I'm Bruno, I know the basics of trading, but I'm eager to learn more. Some friends gave very positive commends about Robert. Thanks for giving this opportunity. I'm looking forward ...

Welcome Bruno! So nice to meet you here. 

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