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How do I become a VIP Member?

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 How do I become a VIP Member?

Why become a VIP Member?

As a VIP Member in the SmartTrader Community you will get access to all market analysis, insider knowledge, market data, trading signals and access to the VIP area of the SmartTrader Community and Forum. Especially here in the forum you will find the best content, support, tips in the VIP forums. We also do this so that the conversations in the actual strategy and trading forums are as focused and substantive as possible. You will also get significantly more answers from trading experts - including myself, in the VIP section of the SmartTrader Community Forum.

What does VIP membership cost?

Actually only blood, sweat and tears 😉 - or rather your honest motivation. We talk best once about your goals and then see if I can help you on your way. This is really (as of today!) all 100% free of charge. I founded SmartTrader to offer people who have not had the opportunity to be a part of the financial world and markets an entry. The financial world shapes everything around us, but still the majority of people do not understand it at all - and that is intentional - because it should remain an elite circle in which they prefer to be among themselves. And then there are all the fake experts who promise you fast money but in the end only want your money. SmartTrader is all about people! About YOU. About US. We are a community and together we are stronger.

The fastest way to VIP membership!

▶️ If you are not yet a member of our Telegram group, you can find it here:
📊 Telegram Trial Group

1️⃣ Write Ann-Katrin over this form or me on Telegram.
📨 Ann-Katrin or 📨 Robert

2️⃣ Register with one of our partner brokers
🖥 SmartTrader Broker

3️⃣ Set up your trading account

Done - Welcome to the VIP Community!

I wish you all the best!

Your Robert 🌞

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